Here's a short tutorial on how to place a Bulk order with Humane Blanks. 

1- Create an Account

In order to place an order, please create an Wholesale Account with us, by clicking in the top right or on this link here https://Humaneblanks.com/account/register

2- Add items to your Cart

Select whichever items you'd like and checkout :)

3- Automatic Discount 

A discount will be automatically applied to your order if you have 10 or more of the same item in your cart. (sizing does not matter you can mix up sizes).

4- Checkout

Please make sure all the info when checking out is correct and don't hesitate to reach out to us about updates on your order :) 

5- Custom Orders

Please DM us on Instagram @HumaneBlanks or Email us at Bulk@HumaneBlanks.com.




If you have any doubt / inquiry regarding any of our Services please get in touch with our team through Bulk@HumaneBlanks.com or DM on Instagram @HumaneBlanks

For Custom CUT & SEW info please contact us directly through the email left below or DM on Instagram @HumaneBlanks*